My Views On Equality in Tennis

Ciao Ragazzi from Italia,

At the time of writing, I recently decided to leave the tournament early so I could write you this post using bloggings technology.

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about equality in tennis, a.k.a. deuce.

If I may, I will offer you My perspective. For Me equality means being equal. Equal means the same. So if I see two players in front of Me, they look the same. They all look the same to Me. I don’t even know their names. Names suggest inequality and individual differences when they all are all the same. I am not the same as them, but this is stating the obvious.

I carry this view at homes too. My staff are also equal and get paid the same (low) rate.

2014 French Open - Day Six

Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Nobody ever stayed rich by giving money away. They all seem happy knowing that they are very fortunate to work for Me. They are pleased, I am pleased.

As for Ion Tiriac and his recent comments. If I am to make the honestations I was somewhat hurt. There is nothing wrong with My legs, they are very shapely thank you very much.

For now I bid you goodbye. Not sure if I’ll go to Paris at the moment, will let you know soon.

Much love,

PF xx
P.S. Happy Birthday to Andrew of the Murrays, your $4 Amazon voucher is in the mail.

8 thoughts on “My Views On Equality in Tennis

  1. Dear Goat,

    Once again I agree with you. Your legs are indeed very shapely. So much so that perhaps we should see more of them?

    I have noticed that Raphaello is revealling more of his, less shapely of course, legs by shortening his shorts. Is this something you might consider?

    Or, as a fashion and decorum icon, perhaps you could reverse this trend and wear long trousers to play tennis? I am concerned, as you will be, with the deteriorating dress sense of lesser players. As just one example, I mention Andrew of the Murrays, whose white underpants are often longer than his black shorts. Would you deign to have a word with him about this, as it worked with Stanford who no longer makes his shorts out of tablecloths.

    • Hello Rosa, thank you for your message. I don’t like to make My shorts too short as this may do the revealings should I do the tumblings on the ground. Safety first.

      As for Andrew of the Murrays, My people will check with his people.

      Much love,
      PF xx

      • Dear Goat,

        Once again I am humbled and honoured that you replied.

        I have always said that watching you play tennis is a revelation. But I understand your cocern over the tumblings and revealings. One can’t be too careful, especially with Hawkeye.

  2. Dear PF, I’ve been doing the wondering about why you keep leaving early and now I know. It is to spend more time cogitating and philosophising about the amusing trivial matters that now occupy your ageing brain. Good, this will keep away the lessening of the mental faculties. As for tennis faculties I have to sadly and regretfully tell you that they’re shot to buggery! 😁😁 Do not worry as I’m sure staff will continue to serve you as you sit in your Counting House counting out your money while Murky sits in her parlour eating….anything she can get her hands on. As for the shorts and the legs, well the shorts are newer than the legs and whiter. It is always a pleasure to read your musings and I do chuckle at your bon mots. Perhaps we will see you on the grass soon and if your staff need any advice for the removings of grass stains on your long johns they can get in touch. I remain, as always, your loyal Andy fan. (Champion of The Eternal City)

    • Hello Supepr Grandmother, always a pleasure (for you). I’m not sure about Paris yet, that clay is always so dirty. Definitely see you at SW19! #Excited.
      Much love,
      PF xx

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