Twitter Account Hack

Hello My fans,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today on My first of two days off. Mr. Wimbledon really has excelled himself this year with the schedule. Unfortunately, with every positive in life, comes a negative.

It appears that somebody has hacked My work Twitter account, @RogerFederer – I’m not exactly sure when the intrusion took place. Additionally I am concerned that there is one of those body double, look-a-like people impersonating Me during media interviews.

Personally I hate parody accounts and anything that distracts from the serious and fashionable icon that I am. Having somebody trying to make the imitations is rather offensive. Last night after My match I took a shower and went straight homes, I did not attend a press conference. Yet by the time I walked passed the staff member holding the front door open for Me, news was out that I was crediting Myself. I must admit My first reaction was feeling rather pleased with that quote, it certainly wasn’t the first time I have made the self complimentations it certainly won’t be the last. But the fact remains that it wasn’t Me.

If I may I would like to ask for your help. Please monitor My work Twitter account. Should you see any tweeting that looks as though the hacker is trying to make fun of Me, report it both to Me and Twitter. I also recommend that you either Mute or Block that account to prevent this spreading. For My journalist friends I also ask you to monitor My behaviour during all interviews. If you so much as think that I have been switched and it is a body double in My place, ask Me, “Are you PseudoFed or an impostor?” The genuine Me will smile and and reply, “You’re Welcome”. If My response is anything other than this I urge you to tackle the imposter to the ground and call the Police who will make the arrestations.

For now I send you all good wishes and wish Myself all the best for the second week at Wimbledon. I’ve played really well so far and look great, credit to Myself for that.

Yours genuinely,
PF xx

15 thoughts on “Twitter Account Hack

  1. The nerve of the imposter! How can he think he’ll get away with it when there is only one Goat?

    I was worried on your behalf because Mr Wimbledon was insulting you by allowing inferior players to play against ypu. But now that I realise it was the imposter, not you, playing then no harm done I suppose. Perhaps you would allow him to play until the final and then you could just come on court to accept the trophy and homage given to you?

  2. Dearest PseudoFed:

    With Nole’s decision to give You the free pass to the finals, I put all my support behind You. Best of luck in the finals, should You choose to play/win.

    Thanks, Julie


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