Major Announcement

Hello Everybody fans,

GOAT here. Today is one of those days where, in years to come, people will be saying, “Where were you when…. ?”

I have decided the world is ready for My scriptures. Already a timeless classic, I have written The Book that will grace all species and will exceed the end of time.

Book CoverPseudoFed’s Guide to Tennis and Life will expose the inner genius, how did I become the GOAT? What are the advanced tactics I use on court? What do I get up to off court? How did I wake up one day in Andy Murray’s house? What was I doing in Fabio Fognini’s bathroom? Who joined Brad Gilbert and Me on a hunt for ghosts? Did Brittney Spears and Leonardo da Vinci really write to Me?

All these questions are answered in The Book.

In addition I will gift you My personal philosophicals on spirituality, personal meditation techniques and advice on how to make your life better in every way.

At the end of the book there is a Glossary listing important people in tennis: players from past to present, top journalists and commentators as well as other important people that make tennis the great sport that it is.

Go to your local Amazon site, wherever in the world you are, and type in My name, ‘PseudoFed’ and The Book will magically appear.

I can confirm that this is the greatest book cover you have ever seen. Thank you to Mr. Grass and Mr. Alda for its creation.

Much Love,
PF xx

P.S. This is available on Amazon worldwide.
For the convenience of US and UK fans:
If you live in The USA click here.
If you live in the United Kingdoms click here.

14 thoughts on “Major Announcement

  1. Wishing you the good lucks with this. I shall be perusing it very carefully for any apostrophe errors or minglings of the English language. This writing career can be time-consuming so thanks for advance knowledge of your impending retirement from tennis. PS It was clever of you to pay that young man to rush on court to give you the utmost of the publicity in your waning years. Andrew of the Murrays just needs to sit in the stands and everybody loves him! Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword but a helluva lot lighter than the racquet. Best wishes from your devoted Andy fan. x

    • This is what the world needs and has been waiting for. Thank you oh Great One for bestowing your gift to us.

      You will surely receive the Nobel Peace Prize for this. And probably the Literature prize. And the Physics prize too.

      And last, but not least, the Darwun Award for your services to tennis.

  2. Have ordered it oh great one – I just hope it’s worth it!! Looking forward to reading your words of wisdom.

  3. I wonder what “the guy” who pretends to play tennis and supposedly has won 17 Slams thinks of this? I wonder if “that guy” would autograph it for me?? Would there be an exchange of the laughings or the angrys?

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