Big day for Scotland

Bonjour mon fans,

Today is an important day for My fans in Scotland. For those that don’t know, Scotland is a country very near the North Pole.

Scotland today will vote on whether they prefer the word, ‘yes’ or the word, ‘no’. To My knowledge this has never been done before. It’s quite a complicated issue so for those new to this, I will explain.

‘Yes’ has more letters than ‘No’. This could be an advantage or a disadvantage.

– Many people assume ‘yes’ is a positive word.
– ‘Yes’ goes much better with the word, ‘please’.

– Takes longer to read due to extra letter.
– Difficult to say when someone asks, “Have you just lost again?”

For balance, let Me illustrate how ‘No’ can be taken positively.

Tournament Boss: “Hello Roger My GOAT, would you like Rafaello to be on your side of the draw?”
Me: “No”.

The question used a player totally at random. You can see how My reply is very positive indeed.

Equally, the word ‘Yes’ can be very negative.

Me: “Is My next opponent very tall?”
Staff member: “Yes”.

I hope this has helped.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what you choose, I will always love you.

Always remember to vote safely.

Much love,

13 thoughts on “Big day for Scotland

  1. Dear Goat

    How do you think tennis world would react if Andy of the Murrays wrote Yes / No.

    Warm regards,
    Manuel from Ecuador

  2. Thank you for your insight into the Scottish vocabulary debate. I agree that No can be a positive work. When someone asks me if you are my favourite player I smile when I answer No . Andrew and Jamie of the Murrays and Colin of the Fleming are from Scotlandland and are great favourites of mine. I am lliking the French suddenly also. Best wishes as always from your devoted Andy fan.

  3. Hello there. Like Supergran I also use No as a positive word. Again to quote an example if I am asked do I want you to win when playing Andrew of the Murrays I will answer with a smile No, I also like Jamie of the Murrays and Colin of the Flemings. However, I also like James of the Wards and Kyle of the Edmunds too. I am a big fan of the Tennis world and follow as much as I can, which can be hard when workings get in my way of watchings.

  4. I thought yes/no was your little joke with Stanley as to whether he could ride on the Fedplane. We hope the practisings for winning the World Tour Finals are going well. Will Mme Mirka and the GOATlings be doing the Christmas shopping? #savingupforpressies

  5. Dear GOAT, I’d really love to find out whether you’d answer the following questions with yes or no

    1. Would you like a certain Rafaello
    a) to retire soon and save his health
    b) to retire late so that you could improve your H2H with him

    2. Are you planning to train your kids in tennis because, if one day they win Wimbledon singles, doubles and mixed doubles titles within the same tournament
    a) you’ll be able to sell your spaff to the tennis-enthusiastic mothers hence acquire another source of income
    b) you’ll be the GOAT of the GOATS, i.e. a MEGAGOAT abbreviated to MGGT

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