Breakfast in America by SuperGOAT

Due to the delay of the rains I thought I’d pen you a little ditty. You’re welcome.

Take a look at my Wilson
It’s not the only one I got
Very much a big Wilson
Never seem to shank a lot

Take a Fed Jet across the water
America likes to see Me
See My fans in the Big Apples
They’re hoping it’s going to come true
There’s quite a lot staff can do

Could I have muesli for breakfast
Cheffy dear, Cheffy dear
Got to have muesli for breakfast
Cos every GOAT’s a millionaire

I’m a winner, not a singer
You really want my autograph
Not a loser, Nole’s a joker
He’s playing his tricks upon Me
While he’s got nothing better to do

Take a look at my Rolex
It’s not the only one I got
Very much a collection
They all like Me a lot

I like My fast jet, got My own seat
Sometimes invite Stanford
He has his own place, in the luggage hold
He’s hoping to buy his own plane
I say Stan, no pain no gain.

PF xx

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