Indian Wells 2014

Good morning from the beautiful Indian Wells!

Before I begin I would like to announce that staff and sponsors suggested that I get onto this new site called Facebooks. It will be your pleasure to “Like” My page, the link is on the right >>>>

Facebooks was started by a schoolboy named Mark Zuckerberg when he should have been doing homework and studying. Please let this be a lesson to you all that school work comes first. Don’t waste time building websites as it won’t help you in your career. Now this poor young man is stuck in an office all day when he could be out in a real job.

Ahead of you is a week filled with wonderful tennis, beautiful views when I’m on court and very tall mountains. I haven’t yet decided whether to win this tournament but I’ll let you know in a week or so.

I think it’s fair to say that this tournament is one of the best on the tennis calendar with facilities so great that it feels like homes fromLeisure_Suit_Larry homes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Larry Ellison for all he has done to make this happen. For those of you that don’t know, Larry is a very clever person. After being one of the people that invented the light bulb which we now all take for granted, he started out his career making video games and his first success was the game Leisure Suit Larry which some of you may remember. After this he went onto create something you all have heard of but probably didn’t know Larry was behind, and this is a computer called Oracle, it even knows more than Google! Yes, when people tell you to go and ask the Oracle, they actually mean Larry’s laptop. It must be enormous (that’s what she said).

There has been talk of moving the U.S. Open here but I think it will be quite a challenge. Mr. York is probably more powerful than Larry. He even managed to name New York twice and not even Larry has managed that though to be fair I don’t think Indian Wells Indian Wells has the same ring to it.

Be sure to sit back and enjoy the tennis!

PF xx

7 thoughts on “Indian Wells 2014

  1. dude, you are just amazing!! I love roger and respect him so much for the greatness of his sport, and though you constantly take a dig at him in all of your posts, I do get this feeling that you really adore him too. Thanks for keeping it so clean and making the fun times your royal highness! And I know the pleasure is all mine and I am welcome 🙂

  2. Oh my god, thank you HRH King Roger! I will be sure to collect the extra paychecks from the stafflings! #honored #humbled

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