I don’t mean to… but…

Hello everybody fans,

Nice for you to see Me again. I had a few moments before going out to hit some balls for the preparations of My match later and thought you would like to hear from Me.

I have received many messages from fans asking about my recent interview. For those that missed it, I shall provide the interweb link here. Just ask your staff to click it:


Yes it’s true that when people start the sentence with, “I don’t mean to… but… ” then this means that they do mean to. Look, please don’t make the criticisings and the pointing of the fingers to Me. I was not insulting My fellow work colleagues, I was hoping to provide them with the motivations. As I said in the interview, many of the guys were playing Saint David’s Cup. Who does that during a tennis season? I try to only do it when I really have to.

While they were off doing that and just generally going to the parties, I was busy working and training very hard. In the evening I also did all My homework and staff made sure I was tucked up in bed by 8:30pm.

By the way, I have created a tutorial on top tips on how to work hard, please click here to view. You’re welcome.

So come on Little Guys, if you want to keep up with the best (a.k.a. Me) ask staff to pull your socks up and let’s take this a little more seriously.

Much love,
PF xx

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