US Open 2018

Good Morning from Little Switzerland in the New York!

It seems that last night didn’t go to the planned plan. Sincere apologies to all the commentators who I understand are all wearing black today. Chins up My friends, life is still good. Well, it is for Me anyway.

So what happened? Well, the conditions were very bad, obviously worse than they have been since the tournament began. I think maybe since the beginning of time but I need to fact check that one. I was making the suffering faces. As I said in the presser, Millman is Australian so it didn’t effect him.

I went off during the match to have staff change My clothes and they did offer Me a solution. They said Novaks used an ice-filled towel to help cool down his hair.

Photo of Nocak Djokovic

I made the contemplations for a moment. As you know, fashion is always top priority and I just wasn’t sure about it. What do you think?

Roger Federer

I tweeted during the tournament that there was another factor that bothered Me somewhat. When you look up at your box, you expect inspiration and support. Me? My eyes seemed to lock onto Severin.


Since My first match he has been wearing this Pasta Hat. It’s not really what One wants to see is it? I asked him several times if I was being paid a lot of money for him to wear it and all he did was offer Me some Rigatoni Afredo.

It’s difficult mon fans, so hard I will admit to you. I said to a staff member the other day about the title, “Is it coming home?” Not this year.

Till next time, much love,
PF xx

6 thoughts on “US Open 2018

  1. Dear Goat,

    The dreadful event of last night saddens me. I certainly think you should demand a replay.

    It was an unbecoming sight to see you suffering from the sweatings. It really doesn’t suit you. You looked like Rafaello but he’s unaffected by it and still wins.

    Please do not do the desperations.

    I would suggest you don’t play in Australia as it is very hot there but Wimbledon is usually pleasantly cool.


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