After a match…

Good evening from the Wimbledon,

To celebrate My greatness I have taken an excerpt from My book which seems appropriate as it illustrates what happens after a match.

“After a match you should not eat straight away, allow the body to recover. You could not eat anyway as you have the sponsor and media commitments. I must do the admissions and state that it gets to Me sometimes. You do not even have time for a long soak with bath salts, candles and some relaxing music. A trainer once tried to put Me in an ice bath to speed up the recovery process, he did not make that mistake twice. Immediately walking off court you have to make the quick shower then rush to be interrogated by the journalist people. I do find this one of the most unpleasant aspects of the beautiful game. Who else is forced to essentially go back to work after bathing and still delicately wrapped in their silk robe? My hair is usually still wet, maybe one of My eyes is a little pink from getting the generic ATP shampoo in it as I had to rush only to have to answer something like, “Why did you lose today?” You always know when I get annoyed in these Press Conferences as I give the short answers and make the stroppy faces. Then as soon as I finish I have to do it all over again in other languages such as, Swiss-German, Swiss-English, Swiss-Spanish and Swiss-Cheese.”

See you Sunday against the Novaks!

Much love,
PF xx

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