A Little Taster…

Hello Little Ones,

First of all I’d like to say Happy 4th July to all My American fans. I would say more but I am in the UK at the moment and it would be a little awkward. They don’t celebrate it here for some reason.

I thought I’d take a random paragraph from My book that you may enjoy. In this chapter, I spoke about a ghost hunt that a few of us went on one night in the Wimbledon grounds after the Championships. With Me was Prince Charles, Tomas Berdych, Brad Gilbert and, unfortunately, Andrew of the Murrays.

Something happened and the next morning I found Myself in Andrew’s house. Andrew had just explained how I got there… :

“He stood up and said he was going to take the dogs for a walk and that I could get up in My own time, he mentioned that there were fresh towels in the guest bathroom and some food downstairs. Kim called to Andrew from downstairs to hurry the $%&! up or she was going to leave without him so he went. I waited until I heard them shut the front door before getting up. I peered out of the window and saw the British countryside, pleasant as always. I wanted to shower before Andrew and Kim returned and I was not sure what time room service ended so thought I had better hurry. Walking out of the bedroom carrying some essentials in a bag I began to hope Andrew’s house was not as large as My homes. For the convenience of guests I have maps located at various points with those, ‘You are here’ signs so they can find their way around. I doubt Andrew had thought of this. I mean, where are the fire exits in this place? This is a homes isn’t it? Where are the restaurants and gift shops? I tried the door across the small hallway and it was a bathroom. It had most things I needed: basin, bidet, bath with separate jacuzzi and walk-in shower. I noticed a beautiful picture he had on the wall then realised it was a mirror. I smiled. As I looked around I froze, Andrew had Wimbledon towels! I quickly retrieved My portable telephone and took pictures as evidence, wait until I tell Mr. Wimbledon.”

Here’s looking forward to week 2!

Much love,
PF xx

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5 thoughts on “A Little Taster…

  1. So amusing but beware. In this country we have a rhyme warning the teller of tales: Tell-tale tit, your tongue shall be slit, and every donkey shall have a little bit. So my advice is to keep Andrew of the Murray’s secret and I’m sure he’ll keep yours. Oh yes, he knows a lot about you that you would prefer to be kept in the locking rooms at Mr Wimbledon’s abode. This is friendly warning from a discreet Andy fan.

  2. You should examine Andy’s house more carefully. I am sure he has a couple of Wimbledon lockers somewhere, and most probably lots of Wimbledon pots and pans pinched by his silver-tounged wifey.

    Please, don’t handcarry the evidence to Mr.Wimbledon. Anonymosity is so much better, and so less hazardous. Those highlanders have a nasty reputation of being prone to boxing.

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