Empty Seats and Request a PseudoGraph

Bounjour Mon fans,

There are a few points that I would like to discuss aujourd’hui.

Firstly, yesterday was My third round match and the stadium was about a third empty. Everybody loves Paris and Roland, but could someone be kind enough to remind him that this is a Grand Slam event. Mr. Wimbledon always ensures a packed house whether it be the first round, or the final.

Secondly I have had many emails regarding The Book and whether you must own a Kindle device in order to buy  it. The answer is no. You just need the free Kindle app that is available for all computers, tablets and portable telephones.

Nextly, if you would like Me to personally sign your ebook, with the use of technology, I can! #excited You can use the following interweb link and request what you would like Me to write to you. @lucyheisinger was the first to request this! Gracias Lucia! I will sign all messages:

So Roland, if you’d like Me to continue coming to your tournament, work on putting derrieres on seats please. When I play I expect more.

Much love,
PF xx
P.S. Roland, thanks again for the draw.

5 thoughts on “Empty Seats and Request a PseudoGraph

  1. Sorry you lost.
    Please write book on paper so I can read masterpiece.
    If you are too busy I will be most understanding but plead for autograph without kindlings.

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