My letter to Rafa

Following much thought I decided to write to Rafa in the end. I thought it would be right to share My letter to him with you all.

Dear Mr. Rafael,

How are you? I am fine.

A lot has changed since I last saw you on the tennis courts. I had My birthday which was nice, I went on two holidays, I achieved Olympic finalist status, I had My hair cut (just a little trimmings), I discovered the BBC employ John McEnroe as an expert not only for tennis, but also swimming, running, diving, javelin, shot-put, high jump, long jump, triple jump, cycling, volleyball, handball, table tennis (a very small version of big tennis), weightlifting, fencing, disco dancing, singing… and more.

I understand you are having problems with the knees. I am sorry to hear this. During Wimbledon I had the little back problems but this went away. Do your doctors know why this is happening? Thank you for pulling out of so many tournaments. As they say, “It is better to be safe than make the apologies”. If you want My advice I am suggesting you relax a bit more. You work so hard. It’s OK. The Little Guys don’t listen to Me much but maybe you have the influences? I mean, make the little word with Murray and Djokovic and ask them to take some time off too? There is more to life than always beating Me tennis. Enjoy yourselves. This way when you come back in 2019 you will feel much more fresh.

No other news. Mirky says ‘Hola’ and wanted to send you a care package but I told her I am already sending something from Me. She shouted something in Spanish and made the slammings with the door.

I am enclosing several suitcases of Lindt chocolate. I promise this will not affect your recoveries. Please eat as much as you can. Don’t worry about the U.S. Open, nor the Australian and actually give Roland Garros a miss too.

Miss you.
Hasta luego!
PF xxx

14 thoughts on “My letter to Rafa

  1. Bravo… So typically heart-felt. Your genuine concern and selfish, I mean, self-less, interests never cease to amaze me. You truly are the most nurturing, others-focussed GOAT I’ve ever seen… An ASSet to this universe, indeed… )

  2. I will write to the people of Cambridge who are in charge of the official English Dictionary that they will replace whatever meaning is given to the phrase “the powers that be” into GOAT.
    I do no longer believe in coincidence, I believe in You.

    Kindest regardings,

    PS: Those cheering for little guy Djoker don’t believe in coincidences either. They also believe in You. Fixing the draws, that is.

    PSPS: How do You expect Mr. Nadals to have the words with the little guys if he never sees them? Do You think he wil write letters of his own? I dare say he has some issues with English

    PSPSPS: Mr. Nadals is also very welcome to do his recoverings with Peter and me. Even if he himself is not a goat. Being friendly with goats will do just fine. I am sure I will find a suitable place to put his suitcases of Lindt 😛

  3. Dear #GOAT

    it has been my humble pleasure to have followed Your thoughts the last few weeks since Your returnings to the #1# and the makings of another H1STORY; thank you and Congrats!

    As You may have already foreseen, Mr. Nadal is not able to continue the tennis journeys of late and will not be at Your second? favorite, the US Open at the Mr. Ashe.

    With such, I look forward to the vanquishing of the Djokovic and the Andy for the number #18# the SUPER-GOAT.

    I will be in the section 320 with Your #1#GOAT shirt wear.

    Ever humbly

    PS, please do not mind the too tall and too many named ones, the flying machines at the flushing will be too distracting for their likings. Please send them some Lindt chocolates as well.

    (go rog!)

  4. Kind and caring words from a true champion. This kind missive brought tears to my eyes. Such caring and concern … and humility, of course. So touching.

  5. This is CLEARLY NOT called a “concern” at all. It is called “mocking” letter in disguise. How unethical this behavior of you, Roger. This is no sportsmanship whatsoever. I am totally disappointed of this mockery came from you. It is absolutely inappropriate manner.
    If I were to receive this exactly letter from my any of my friends; I will burn it to pieces and be MAD as hell. Obviously this is not a friendship showing concerning type-of-letter. It is deception, faked-concern, sarcastic, insulting, derisive letter that you wrote, Roger. I don’t care who you write it to, but for the sake of moral, ethical personality, don’t act this kind of improper, unscrupulous behavior.

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