A Time To Remember

Hello My fans!

Lovely to hear from Me and I do hope you have had a great year. I have.

Something I have recently discovered is that as one has more Birthdays, one becomes older. Who knew?

With age comes the skill of wiseness and I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts while celebrating the achievements of Andrew of the Murrays.

So many things to remember. As well as his outstanding year, especially winning the WTF (excuse My fluent French) I think now is also an appropriate time to remember all those that doubted him.

I am not here to name the names. You know who you are. Oh he will never win a Grand Slam. Oh OK, he won the US Open but he’ll never win The Wimbledon. Oh OK he won it, but he’ll never win it again… the list goes on.

With my age I have recognized that one must credit where it is due and I certainly credit Mr. Andrew and his Team.

… And to those that doubted him:


Much Love,

14 thoughts on “A Time To Remember

  1. Hello #GOAT,

    So humble and grateful to hear from you via the inter-web. Your blog is most prescient as I was sitting having coffee in Mr St Michael’s cafe with my sister saying just the same things about my rather thick partner. He is now remarking ‘Andy will never win the Slam played in the land of the kangaroos!

    I’ve shown him your humble blog ( he reckons you will always be the #GOAT) and he is now rethinking his position! Why is this thick man my partner? Beggers cannot be choosers!

    All the best for 2017 and best wishes to wife, kiddies and staff!

    From a humble fan of Andrew of the Murrays’.
    Humble Elaine

    • Hello Elaine fan and My commiserations on choice of partners. However, try and focus on the positives, perhaps he can cook?

      Much love to you, your sister and your partner fan. Give him a humble hug from Me.
      PF xx

  2. Hello! How lovely to hear from you. I have missed your ramblings from your Retirement Home where I sincerely hope staff are looking after you. You are very generous in your praise of the best tennis player in the world, Andrew of the Murrays for which I thank you. Yes, I’m afraid with each birthday one gets older but you know what they say, whoever they are “Life is for living as the alternative isn’t so hot”.You comment on the doubters and now they must eat their words. You have a few to do the swallowing of I’m sure unless your memory is doing the failing also. Still it’s been a good year for most people and I hope you are still enjoying your retirement. You can pop back on the scene from time to time perhaps in the Futures. Geddit? 😁 With lots of love and sympathy from your devoted Andy fan. XX

  3. Was telling my husband yesterday how much I missed hearing from You for such a long time, but cheered up reading one of Your old posts, the one about Sue Darker, John Floyd, and John Mcenroe having a pre Wimbledon chat – what a laugh!! So how happy was I to read Your wise and ever humble comments today.

    Please don’t leave it so long again, Goat, tennis is not the same without You and the sublime Rafa. How did You like his Academy in Mallorca, it was most gracious of you to support him.

    Long live Pseudofed!!

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