Hi Little Guys!

Such a fun and exciting day!

Did you enjoy the match? I did as Anna WinterTimes came to see Me. Hello Anna, I make the little wave from the bloggings.

After putting the special roof on Centre Court Mr. Wimbledon promised Me he’d leave it on so we didn’t make a repeat of interruptions like last night’s match with Rafael Nadal with the Rissoles. So the roof was on all day even though it didn’t rain. Perfecto I thought! But Mr. Wimbledon also made promises of an easy opponents. When the match started I kept checking that the roof was not doing the cheeky openings so My GOAT eyes were not always on the balls. This is all that happened, nothing to worry about.

Afterwards the nice press people asked Me about Rafa and I say, “In the 5th it was just a joke, I was laughing in disbelief 10 minutes after match ended.” – yes I really did say this. I must be honest and humble with My fans. But it was funny wasn’t it? In the car on the way home one of My staff asked Me if the Roland Garros final of 2008 was also funny. This staff member now does not work for Me.

I had several distractions today which affected this evening’s match. I will list them in a list. Here is the list:

– Karlovic. how many times? Too tall. I watched him in a doubles match and was stunned the ATP have not banned him for being too tall. I made the photograph on My FedBerry at court no.16. I present the photo as evidence. The girl ball servant in this picture is 6 feet and 4 inches. Karlovic? Too Tall.

– My next distraction? As you know, I was in the special disguises today mixing with you in the Wimbledon grounds. I was by the outside irrelevant courts as I wanted to watch the Little Guys play their matches. Then somebody recognised Me! My secrets were exposed and I did some blushings. Naturally being the GOAT I allowed this person to spend some time with Me and My staff. It was so nice for her and she was so happy to meet Me….. yes. You know who you are. Hello. I will not do the revealing as to who this was as a good writer, which I aspire to be, does not reveal their sauces.

– I make some admissions now. I was quite angry and I made the agitations and caused a little scene in the Wimbledon Shop. I noticed that they were selling an illegal Digital Video Discs. Again I took the photograph as I have learned that in order to do things now you must show your evidences and proof readings. Mr. Wimbledon, I trust these will be removed asapps.

There isn’t any tennis on now until Monday so I wish all of you a great weekend times.

Try and have some fun and remember tell your bosses that you need next after next Sunday off. Make the party times!

PF xxx

7 thoughts on “V1CTORY

  1. Excellent work, as always, Maestro. You are becoming quite the intrepid reporter — except for being recognized by JM. Softening her up in case of future developments?

    BTW, how tall is Benneteau? Too tall? And were You laughing on the court, or thinking of the Rosol Curse?

  2. Can you please tell me how many times you come from behind 0:2? I hear it used to be very rare, now it seems like a habit.

  3. Ur Highness, most of ur staff seem to be Rafa fans, did u check their background before hiring them?

    Also thought you would grace us with Benneateau victory, But alas u did come back with a Victoria….. what a glory sight!!

  4. What’s PF??? To be honest, wasting a bit long time for me to realize it is for Pseudo Fed…
    I’m sorry GOAT!
    Looking at “Rafael Nadal’s Triumph at Twilight”
    I can’t imagine who’s as Bella n the other as Edward?!
    Which one You prefer?
    Have a great weekend for You too! xxx

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