Science of Psychaulogy

Good Evening Mon Fans!

I am writing this after My victory on My way to the final. I have showered where staff washed my equipment so I now feel nice and fresh.

In My last article for My science manual using the bloggings technology I would like to write about the study of the brain. In scientific terms I believe this is called the Psychaulogies.


The brain is the part inside the head. This is the organ where most of you think. By now you should know that I am better than you because I do what I do and you do what you do. Hopefully, this will help you improve, a little.

Different parts of the brain do different things. For the examples, you have a part of the brain that deals with fear. For Me, this part of the brain thinks about tennis. My frontal lobe is dedicated to thinking about Myself.

To be a successful tennis commentator and tournament organizer, you must have a special dominant part of the brain that is dedicated to thinking about Me.

May I take this opportunity to congratulate My opponent tonight Tomas on a great tournament. For some of My newer followers, you may not know that Tomas and I used to be in a boy-band together back in our younger days, click here for details.

I hope you have all enjoyed My recent blog postings about science and I hope they have expanded your brains.


I’m sorry the other big guys are unable to join Me but the positive is that soon I will be in the final. I have a feeling this is going to be My year, again.

Much love,
PF xx

5 thoughts on “Science of Psychaulogy

  1. Thank you once again for such elucidation about psychaulogy and the brains.

    As you rightly say we have the little brains but you have the big brains.

    This explains why I have always called you a big head.

    Your admiring fan,


  2. Hello Brain box, once again you try to do the educating of the little people. (Not to be confused with the little people who perform the operational) Once again you have me totally underwhelmed with your knowledge of the neurology. In fact these scientific blogs make my brain do the aching so I would advise sticking to what you know: Getting night matches, insulting other players while making it seem like the complimenting and foretelling the future. You have really opened my mind and expanded my brain with your twitterings so all that is left to say is Look Over Your Shoulder( either one). Someone Is Out To Get You!!! Prepare your great brain for this, you have my sympathising . With warmest wishes from your devoted Andy fan. Also Kyle Edmund fan. XX

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